Project Description

July – December 2016

  • Transfer current transformers (2MhVt) – 7 pcs. from Industrial Space for transformer substation.
  • Construction of external networks of existing 10kV substation dividing roses:
  • Dig out trenches
  • Laying power cables
  • Laying control cables
  • Connection and commissioning
  • Installation and supply busbars (700 m) in industrial hall
  • Installation of cable structures BAKS, EL-PUK cables power plants
  • Installation and connection of power cables to technological devices
  • Installation of local boxes (72 pcs.) For industrial plants
  • Installation 0.4 KVA distribution cabinets and capacitor
  • The establishment of distribution cabinets for industrial premises
  • Switching of existing equipment with new cabinets
  • Measurements and commissioning

Project Details